Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, 3rd Duke of Alba (29 October – 11 December He was titled the 3rd Duke of Alba de Tormes, 4th Marquess of Coria, 3rd Count In spite of these military successes, the Dutch revolt was not broken and Alba .. Jonathan Israel, The Dutch Republic: its Rise, Greatness, and Fall.

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The Justice League often unite to face supervillains who pose catastrophic challenges to the world. In , Giffen, DeMatteis, and Maguire returned with a separate limited series called Formerly Known as the Justice League [11] with the same humor as their Justice League run, and featuring some of the same characters in a team called the " Super Buddies " a parody of the TV series Super Friends. A follow-up limited series, entitled I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League , soon was prepared, although it was delayed due to the events shown in the Identity Crisis limited series, but was eventually released as the second arc in JLA: Classified.

In this limited series, the Justice League and Marvel Comics ' superhero team the Avengers were forced to find key artifacts in one another's universe, as well as deal with the threats of villains Krona and the Grandmaster. In , DC began an anthology series titled JLA: Classified , which would feature rotating writers and artists producing self-contained story arcs and aborted miniseries projects that were reappropriated for publication within the pages of the series, starring the JLA.

While the bulk of the stories took place within the continuity of the series circa JLA 76— some of the stories take place outside of regular DC Universe canon. The series was canceled as of issue 54 May The story, which takes place outside regular DC continuity, has Lex Luthor assembling the Legion of Doom after he and several other villains begin to have nightmares about the end of the world and the failure of the Justice League to prevent the apocalypse. As the Legion begins engaging in unprecedented humanitarian deeds throughout the world, they also launch a series of attacks on the Justice League and their families.

The threat that the Legion was warned about destroying the Earth turns out to be caused by Brainiac, who seeks to destroy Earth during the chaos. The miniseries, set after the events of Final Crisis , has Hal Jordan leaving the League following the deaths of Batman and Martian Manhunter, as their deaths have caused Hal to seek a more proactive manner of dealing with supervillains. This ties into another string of murders, bringing Starman Mikaal Tomas and Congorilla together as their investigation of the murders of several European superheroes are also revealed to be the work of Prometheus.

With help from the Hawkman villain I. Disguised as Captain Marvel Jr. Prometheus ultimately extorts his freedom from the League in exchange for the codes that will shut down his weapon, much to the horror of the JLA members. Green Arrow with help from reformed supervillain the Shade , tracks Prometheus down and kills him by firing an arrow into his head. The Justice League of America debuted in The Brave and the Bold 28 March , [14] and after two further appearances in that title, got their own series which quickly became one of the company's best-selling titles.

Sekowsky's last issue was 63 June and Fox departed with 65 September Schwartz was the new title's editor and oversaw it until Rarely featured in most of the stories, Superman and Batman did not even appear on the cover most of the time. Three of DC's other surviving or revived characters, Green Arrow , [17] the Atom , [18] and Hawkman [19] were added to the roster over the next four years.

A teenager named Lucas "Snapper" Carr tagged along on missions, becoming both the team's mascot and an official member. Snapper, noted for speaking in beatnik dialect and snapping his fingers, helped the group defeat the giant space starfish Starro the Conqueror in the team's first appearance.

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The supervillain Doctor Light first battled the team in issue 12 June Dillin would draw the title from issue 64 August through October In need of a new secure headquarters, the Justice League moved into an orbiting satellite headquarters in Justice League of America 78 February Len Wein wrote issues —, in which he and Dillin re-introduced the Seven Soldiers of Victory in issues — [35] and the Freedom Fighters in issues — As Englehart explained in , "It certainly seemed like a radical concept and we knew that we had to be subtle laughs and each story had to stand on its own, but we really worked it out.

It's really worthwhile to read those stories back to back to back—it didn't matter to us that one was at DC and two were at Marvel—I think it was us being creative, thinking what would be really cool to do. Len Wein commented on the Phantom Stranger's relationship with the JLA in a interview stating that the character "only sort of joined. He was offered membership but vanished, as per usual, without actually accepting the offer. Over the years, other writers have just assumed [he] was a member, but in my world, he never really said yes.

Writers Cary Bates and Elliot S. Wonder Woman rejoined the team following a major two-year story arc , largely written by Martin Pasko.

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To prove her worthiness to rejoin the JLA, Wonder Woman voluntarily underwent twelve trials analogous to the labors of Hercules , each of which was monitored in secret by a member of the JLA. Steve Englehart wrote the series beginning with issue and provided another unofficial crossover with Marvel Comics in issue by reworking his character Mantis into the DC Universe as a character named "Willow".

From issue to on, the issues were giant-sized. Writer Gerry Conway had a lengthy association with the title as well. His first JLA story appeared in issue December and he became the series' regular writer with issue February With a few exceptions, Conway would write the team's adventures until issue October The team-up with the Justice Society in issues — crossed over with All-Star Squadron 14— After most of the original heroes fail to help fend off an invasion of Martians, Aquaman dissolves the League and rewrites its charter to allow only heroes who will devote their full-time to the roster.

The final storyline for the original Justice League of America series — , by writer J. DeMatteis and artist Luke McDonnell , [60] concludes with the murders of Vibe and Steel at the hands of robots created by long-time League nemesis Professor Ivo, and the resignations of Vixen, Gypsy, and the Elongated Man during the events of DC's Legends miniseries, which sees the team disband. The company-wide crossover " Legends " concluded with the formation of a new Justice League.

The new series, written by Keith Giffen and J. DeMatteis with art by Kevin Maguire [61] and later Adam Hughes , added quirky humor to the team's stories. In this incarnation, the membership consisted partly of heroes from Earths that, prior to their merging in the Crisis on Infinite Earths , were separate. The low sales of the various Justice League spinoff books prompted DC to revamp the League as a single team all of the branch teams were disbanded in a single title.

Morrison revamped the League's Rogues Gallery by introducing new powerful adversaries for them to face.

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During the — event Infinite Crisis , the series ended as Green Arrow struggled in vain to keep the League afloat. JLA — In 52 Week 24, Firestorm recruits a group to reform the Justice League. They fight a deranged Skeets who takes Super-Chief's powers, killing him and numerous people who had received powers through Lex Luthor 's Everyman Project. Afterward, Firestorm breaks up the team. Also in the series, Luthor's new Infinity, Inc. The first arc of the series focused upon Red Tornado and pitted the team against a new intelligent incarnation of Solomon Grundy and the rebuilt Amazo.

The new incarnation of the team has two main headquarters, linked by a transporter. Black Canary is elected as the first official Chairperson after the fight against Amazo and Solomon Grundy, and led both the Justice League and Justice Society in a complex quest to reunite time-lost members of the pre-Crisis Legion of Super-Heroes , who had been sent back in time to free both Bart Allen and Flash from the other dimensional realm of the Speed Force. Meltzer left the series at the end of issue 12, with one of his subplots Per Degaton , a pre-nuclear fire mutation version of Despero , and a circa version of the Ultra-Humanite gathering for an unknown plot resolved in the pages of Booster Gold.

Dwayne McDuffie took over the writing job with the Justice League Anniversary Special and the main book with issue Firestorm also joined the roster, with the series entering into a series of tie-in storylines towards Countdown to Final Crisis , with the arrest of a large number of supervillains gathered by Lex Luthor and Deathstroke to attack the League on the eve of the wedding of Black Canary and Green Arrow setting up the Salvation Run tie-in miniseries.

Also, roster members Red Tornado and Geo-Force were written out. Jordan was restored to the roster by issue 19 of the series, only to be removed once again by issue Later issues would resolve issues involving Vixen's power level increase and see the integration of the Milestone Comics characters the Shadow Cabinet and Icon , who fought the Justice League over the remains of the villainous Doctor Light. The group suffered greater losses during Final Crisis with the deaths of Martian Manhunter and Batman, as well as the resignations of Superman and Wonder Woman, who could no longer devote themselves full-time to the League due to the events of the New Krypton and Rise of the Olympian storylines in their respective titles.

Hal Jordan would resign as well, clearing the way for John Stewart's return to the team. Black Canary found herself declaring the League no more, though the group would continue with Canary taking a secondary role.

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Vixen would take over the team, with Plastic Man rejoining the group. Len Wein wrote a three-part fill-in story for Justice League of America [66] that ran from 35 to McDuffie was fired from the title before he could return, after discussion postings to the DC Comics message board, detailing behind-the-scenes creative decisions on his run, which were republished in the rumor column "Lying In The Gutter". Wein's fill-in run would be published as Justice League: Cry For Justice neared its conclusion, as Vixen and Black Canary's group sans John Stewart would confront Hal Jordan and Green Arrow's makeshift Justice League group, which had stumbled upon a plot by the villain Prometheus that had resulted in much death and carnage.

During the confrontation over Jordan's group using torture to extract information from the villains being blackmailed into carrying out Prometheus' plan, both Roy Harper and Supergirl would discover that one of Jordan's heroes, Captain Marvel Jr. In the ensuing battle, the League would suffer horrible losses: Roy Harper was maimed and his daughter Lian and hundreds of thousands of people in Star City would be killed by a doomsday device that Prometheus had activated.

Vixen would have her leg broken and Plastic Man would have his powers permanently scrambled, making him a slowly disintegrating puddle creature. To save other cities from being destroyed like Star City, the League reluctantly allowed Prometheus to go free. Green Arrow with help from the Shade would later track down and kill Prometheus. At the end of issue 43, the majority of the new members leave. James Robinson said this was due to having second thoughts about his decision to use so many characters, and that the team would have a different roster in the coming months.

Cyborg remained with the team in a reduced capacity, and was eventually given his own co-feature storyline for issues 48— DC announced that Saint Walker of the Blue Lantern Corps would be joining the Justice League during a tie-in to the Reign of Doomsday crossover, but the character did not become a full member due to the cancellation of the title.

The series ended with issue 60 October , the title being one of the numerous DC books cancelled after the " Flashpoint " crossover. The finale issue was set one year after the events of 59 and saw Batman disbanding the League due to most of the individual members becoming preoccupied with personal commitments.

The final storyline recounted the League's activities during the year-long gap, summarizing story arcs that had been planned for upcoming JLA issues but abandoned due to the transition to the New 52 continuity. In September , following the conclusion of the Flashpoint miniseries, all DC titles were canceled, relaunched as The New 52 , and started at issue 1, rebooting DC's continuity.

Justice League of America was relaunched as Justice League , written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee , and was the first of the new titles released, coming out the same day as the final issue of Flashpoint. The cancellation of Justice League International led into the launch of a new Justice League of America title volume 3. Each member of the Justice League of America is intended to be a counterpart to the members of the Justice League, in case the Justice League would ever go rogue.

Atom is revealed to be from a parallel universe; she is in fact a mole spying on both teams for the evil Crime Syndicate of Earth The Syndicate roundly defeats the assembled Leagues, triggering the Forever Evil crossover event. A young woman named Jessica Cruz joins the team after becoming attached to Crime Syndicate's sentient Power Ring and gaining control of its Green Lantern-like abilities.

Sacred Fate (Chronicles of Ylandre #1)

In August , it was announced that Justice League of America would be retitled Justice League Canada following Forever Evil , [88] [89] with the team relocating to Canada, although in the end it launched as a new series, Justice League United in January This new team has taken part in mostly space-faring adventures, and its adventures have not involved the other Justice League. The event consisted of 10 Justice League issues, 6 one-shots, and one Special issue.

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The story took hidden elements from Johns' run as well as answering all questions posed since the beginning. It features the same members from Justice League. In this ten-issue run, the Justice League fights the Kryptonian deity Rao. The month prior to this, each of these members received a one-shot issue. On October 28, it was revealed that Batman, the Black Canary, and Lobo would be joining the team as well. This series is set to end in April with the release of issue During the events of Justice League vs. In Justice League 24, Mera joins the team, but leaves in issue In the event, the League fights against the Dark Knights with the assistance of Mr.

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Terrific , Hawkgirl and Doctor Fate. The continuity established by Rebirth continues across DC's comic book titles. The first issue was released on June 6, In addition, two more Justice League titles are in development. The comic's early success was indirectly responsible for the creation of the Fantastic Four. Marvel also introduced a team of villains in based on the Justice League called the Squadron Sinister. The team make their live-action debut in the DC Extended Universe , making their debut in the film Justice League.

It differs from the comics as it features only 6 members which includes Cyborg and exclude Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.