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Aug 17, Michael Botur rated it it was amazing. It's a bummer to see people slamming this book.

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I think some readers may have mistakenly concluded that the author wants us to side with Souse, when in fact we are being invited to lag behind as Souse self-destructs. We should judge Souse harshly for the actions he takes, but that shouldn't make us ignore how powerful and important the book is.

What I took away from the book is that even within the first world, even in a modern city with a high culture university full of advanced minds, we have It's a bummer to see people slamming this book. What I took away from the book is that even within the first world, even in a modern city with a high culture university full of advanced minds, we have a ghetto full of squalor. It is not known why people like Souse - from privileged families, with lots of opportunity - choose to drown themselves in a quagmire of drugs and aimless partying without satisfaction, but the Dunedin student ghetto is a very real place.

There are 15, people like Souse in Dunedin's ghetto every year.

Stories like that of Souse happen every day, and nobody has put that into literature until now. Amazing book - and what it has to say about macho culture is really important. Apr 20, Holly Painter rated it really liked it. One of the reviewers on the jacket compares it to "A Clockwork Orange," but I find this novel much more disturbing, perhaps because I've frequented many of the places in the book, so it all feels very immediate. So be prepared for violence and misogyny and self-harm. Basically, if you ever meet someone who doesn't understand the meaning of "rape culture," give them this book to read.

Sep 03, Esther Hong rated it did not like it Shelves: gothic. A few insightful bits on self-mutilation in the second half of the novel but the plot is too predictable. And I'm doing more and more to get there. I am only a freak in other people's terms. My behaviour is internally logical, it serves a purpose, accomplishes all I ask of it. People who don't understand assume you're damaged goods. But my scars set me apart.

They speak of my strength, and of a past.

Night of the scarfies

Because it's the others who are the dishonest ones, the weak ones. They do things to others to feel strong. My goal has been to minimize the evil I bring to this world.

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The ultimate achievement of this goal will be when I slit my wrists in this bath. When that will occur I am not sure yet. But it lurks in my head every day. Apr 22, Courtney Newton rated it liked it. Only socially comfortable after downing a few to many jugs Richey struggles with his identity as well as depression, anxiety and loneliness in his first year at University. While set in the mid nineties, many themes in this story are still relevant today with young men finding their freedom and boundaries after 'leaving the nest'.

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I found the writing style to be painfully on the mark, having come from Timaru and studied at Otago, all the lingo was there. I saw characteristics of so many young Only socially comfortable after downing a few to many jugs Richey struggles with his identity as well as depression, anxiety and loneliness in his first year at University. I saw characteristics of so many young men I know in this story, the drinking, rugby, attitudes towards females, all vividly described.

The plot floundered, I knew it wasn't going to be a story with a happy ending, but I was hoping for some kind of ending.

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I devoured this book in one day, and it has left its mark on me. We do our best every day to make Fishpond an awesome place for customers to shop and get what they want — all at the best prices online. About Fishpond. It's easy to get started - we will give you example code. After you're set-up, your website can earn you money while you work, play or even sleep!

You should start right now! Sign up now. Are you the Author or Publisher of a book? Or the manufacturer of one of the millions of products that we sell. For the "lazy boys" - Richie and his flatmates - laziness is a virtue, a style to aspire to: opting out is a coping strategy. Richie is the latest addition to a long line of Kiwi lame-duck males in fiction.

Exploring the same Dunedin scarfie territory as Laura Solomon's novel Black Light, but with way more savagely knowing - and dismaying - humour, The Lazy Boys homes in on status-anxious preppy freshers and smirking gilded youth so as to expose casual cruelties. Trawling the depths of the baser emotions - envy, hatred, anger - Shuker reveals how even at university the long shadows of the tyrants and tormentors of schooldays loom. Richie is the outsider as freak, geek and dork, for whom striving to fit in takes the form of hanging out at the Gardies with sports jocks.

Shuker, Carl

Shuker's Dunedin is a ghost town, long in the tooth and empty as sheepskin, until the influx of students, which represents a form of infestation. Soon, all of Dunedin seems as septic as a running sore. Events on the day of the Otago-Springboks rugby match at Carisbrook serve to confirm the diagnosis. Scanning the panorama of rugbyhead culture, the novel makes pointed use of that infamous phrase of the mids, "sweating like a rapist", until it begins echoing from episode to episode.


Like a special-effects wizard, Shuker ladles on dankness, grunge and a soup-kitchen ambience to the student ghetto until it's sunk in gluey murk. Daily life is punctuated by bonfires - of couches, of wooden fence palings, of rubbish bags - and body fluids in gutters. On Match Day, glowering youths, faces painted with blue and yellow zinc, bare their teeth at one another and move in mobs and flocks bellowing and bleating out of the mossy damp and fog of North End.