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Sarah's courage, resilience and maturity jump off the page as she fights so hard against the hand life has dealt her by pushing her horsemanship skills to the limit.

The Horse Dancer by Jojo Moyes

Both women are clearly lost in their lives, trapped by circumstances beyond their control, with no clear way out, and of course this is what brings them together, but also keeps them emotionally distant from one another as the novel progresses. As the story continues with Natasha and Sarah circling each other, I'm afraid it lost me for a bit as I became frustrated at Natasha's refusal to realise that she needs to invest some time in Sarah, while Sarah copes with frightening situations all by herself and is unable to ask for help. However, I stuck with it and after a few chapters where events just plod along with no movement forward Moyes suddenly picks up the pace again, the novel sets off in a new direction, and the last two hundred pages went whizzing by.

The unexpected saving grace for the novel is Mac, Natasha's ex-husband. At first a seemingly surplus character, Mac's importance becomes more obvious as it is his feelings of responsibility towards Sarah and love for Natasha that shine through and he really is the hero here as he saves the day for Sarah and Natasha by the most selfless of means.

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It may sound like I wasn't completely convinced by this novel, but I can honestly say that apart from a few bumps here and there I loved it all and was impressed by Moyes' easy writing style and unique story inspired by her own love of horses. I wished there had been more about Henri Lachapelle and Le Cadre Noir but maybe that's a point to Moyes for making the short glimpses of this romantic world so enthralling.

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Jump to: navigation , search. Jessica smiles, a lot. So much so that by the end of the movie I was convinced her smile had to be an attempt to cover up some dark secret. Every time Al… eherm… I mean Jerry provides much needed words of wisdom, drink.

horse dance

Every time there is a fake whinny, drink. Every time an original song plays, as featured in the trailer, finish your drink! As with all movies that fall under the umbrella of extreme camp, they are best enjoyed with friends, so plan a viewing party, grab your favorite adult beverage, and be prepared to have a great time. From what has come to be known as the Citizen Kane of bad movies and a personal favorite The Room.

The Horse Dancer Reader’s Guide

Fourteen-year-old Sarah lives with her grandfather, a man who once rode with the elite riding school Le Cadre Noir, and spends every spare second working with her horse at an urban stable under railway arches in London, hoping to follow in his footsteps. When she and her almost-ex-husband impulsively decide to take Sarah in, complications quickly arise. Sarah keeps sneaking out to care for Boo, and as her situation grows more desperate, she begins lying and stealing.

And will Sarah be able to protect her beloved horse? Clocking in at nearly pages, the story sometimes feels bloated. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again.

The horse dancer?!what the heck Is this video?!?!?!

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