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Wich would mean those who died in righteousness before Christ were saved by the power of the cross even though the cross had yet to occur by human reckoning of time. There are a few different ideas about the Harrowing of Hell. What is important to know as that the terminology of "Descended into Hell" is not what we think of. By "hell" what is properly meant is "the grave" or "sheol. The line is meant to show that Christ actually died. He could not have gone to Hell the way we think of it because Hell is in the future. This confusion is the result of the way that language and meanings change throughout the course of time.

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The most prominent idea that I know of on this is that Christ descended into the land of the dead, or sheol. This "land" is split into 2 sections, 1. Hades bad place 2. Abraham's Bosom paradise. Here, Christ proclaims the Gospel which further condemns those in Hades and he carries those in paradise to the presence of God. Both of these groups will await the resurrection in these places as well as official judgement.

The latter part is somewhat speculatory but it seeks to answer the 1 peter reference. The main point of this view is that Jesus went to the land of the dead. Wherein consisted Christ's humiliation after his death? Christ's humiliation after his death consisted in his being buried,1 and continuing in the state of the dead, and under the power of death till the third day;2 which hath been otherwise expressed in these words, He descended into hell. There are other ideas, such as the harrowing referring to the pain that Christ felt on the cross. Here, the "descent into Hell" is not a descent of the spirit into the place of the dead, but rather, it is the punishment of hell and hades on Christ as the price for redeeming his people.

In my greatest sorrows and temptations I may be assured and comforted that my Lord Jesus Christ, by his unspeakable anguish, pain, terror, and agony, which he endured throughout all his sufferings but especially on the cross, has delivered me from the anguish and torment of hell.

Proclamation of the gospel

I would clarify this further to say that the damned went to the place of torment, not Hades. I understand Hades and Sheol to be the same thing, one in Greek, one in Hebrew. This video has the best explanation I've seen, according to Saint Thomas Acquinas:. Jesus only went to just the "upper' section, which is where Paradise is.

The Harrowing of Hell

That was a really interesting video, thanks! Don't know if I believe all of what Aquinas does, but it logically makes sense of the afterlife and the dilemmas I brought up. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Jesus’s Harrowing of Hell in the Christian Apocryphal Tradition

What do you think happened during "The Harrowing of Hell"? Christian, Evangelical. Christ's physical death Craig Keener As far as 1 Peter 3.

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As often, Adam is shown as an old man, while Eve is young. While Adam and Eve are clothed in this icon, they are often shown in the nude, as in this 15th-century wood carving, late 15th century by Veit Stoss from the Mariacki Altarpiece in Cracow, Poland. Notice also here the presence of demons, who are tormenting the dead:. Detail of the High Altar of St Mary, c. While Jesus is often shown trampling the doors to hell underfoot, sometimes he is trampling a demon underfoot, as in this early 14th-century sculpture.

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Notice also how the scene is paired with the entombment of Christ to the left:. Some depictions combine both the door underfoot and the demon, as in this marvelous piece of 15th-century stained glass in the Church of St. Ethelbert, Hessett, Suffolk. Notice the flames licking out from under the door! Stained glass from Church of St. Here you can see Jesus rescuing a whole crowd of souls from the underworld:. Not surprisingly, then, Dismas is also seen journeying with Jesus down into the underworld on their way to paradise.

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If you look carefully behind Adam and Eve, you can see Dismas bearing the cross in this mosaic from the Church of San Marco in Venice:. Sometimes Jesus is also accompanied by angels who battle the demons as he leads the soul out from their captivity, as in this painting by Tintoretto from As Jesus makes this underworld journey in the imaginations of these many artists over the centuries, he joins the ranks of heroes such as Orpheus and Heracles who also journeyed into the realms of the dead, breaking down the doors between that world and this one in order to rescue the souls who have been imprisoned on the other side.

Although this is a not a story about Jesus that you will read about in the Bible, it is nevertheless a very famous one, as told both in words and, even more importantly, in images. Laura is a full-time online instructor at the University of Oklahoma and has published books on Aesop's fables, Latin proverbs, and the Vulgate Bible. You have used my picture from Flickr, the beautiful painting by Bronzino for this online magazine, which I like by the way without getting my permission. All rights on my work are reserved. I should have been notified first. You can leave it now but you should check the licenses people use for their photos.

My apologies, Cate — for an academic review article of this sort, I thought that a link back to the original source for the image would be sufficient, given the academic fair use of images, especially smaller images which are linked to the full-size view of an image that is freely available for all to see elsewhere online.

If you would prefer that the image be removed so that only the link to the image remains, please just say so; you certainly sound very unhappy about this, and it is no problem at all to remove the image entirely, leaving only the link to the image which you published online. If that would make you happy, please say so! As I understand copyright law in the United States and in many other countries, mechanical reproductions including photographs of two-dimensional works of art do not have copyright protection: if someone takes a picture of flat art in the public domain, the flat photograph is also in the public domain.

Harrowing of Hell

Rather, I believed and still believe that your photo is in the public domain. Is that not your understanding of the applicable laws? But I do like your idea about notifying people if I use their public-domain photos on the site. No Randy this is not the case at all. I have copied from Flickr their explanations of the various licenses. If I would have had the creative commons license then what you have done would be adequate but I do not. I have published photos in several art history books and they have all contacted me to ask permission.

I do not believe this to be in the public domain. I do not allow any downloads of my photos on Flickr. There are many terrible pictures of paintings on the web. It is very difficult to get them true.