Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, 3rd Duke of Alba (29 October – 11 December He was titled the 3rd Duke of Alba de Tormes, 4th Marquess of Coria, 3rd Count In spite of these military successes, the Dutch revolt was not broken and Alba .. Jonathan Israel, The Dutch Republic: its Rise, Greatness, and Fall.

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In this book Alon recounts some of his most memorable police duties, opening a small window to the public of what it means to police the suburbs and townships of South Africa, especially during the turbulent 90's and early 's. This book recounts true stories of action and mayhem. Shootings, car-chases and tracing murderers! Real events as told by a Police Steve Joubert had always wanted to be a pilot and the only way he could afford to do so, was to join the South African Air Force in the late 's.

As an adventurous young man with a wicked sense of humour, he tells of the many amusing escapades he had as a trainee pilot. But soon he is sent If there was ever anyone who went a little further, a little beyond, it was Alastair MacKenzie.

This is the concise story of the first ten years of service from to of the Buccaneer aircraft of 24 Squadron including all the tragic aircraft losses during this period, the Tip-to-Top race, sinking of the Wafra, Operation RSA and the beginning of the Hanto bomb project. For decades these missions have been kept secret. In order to outsmart the terrorist intelligence network, he reverted to a pseudo warfare roll, locating and attacking terrorist in After bitter debate, South Africa, a dominion of the British Empire at the time, declared war on Germany five days after the invasion of Poland in September He demobbed as major, qualified in London as These memoirs are a year window into the life of someone who patrolled with Marine Recon in the jungles of Vietnam, jumped into action with the Rhodesian Light Infantry's Fire Force, infiltrated guerrilla groups on counterinsurgency operations with the Selous Scouts and later waded through the war in Beirut.

It's not just a war story - though there are stories In this explosive book, investigative journalist Pieter-Louis African Aviation Series No. Until now little has been known about the Rhodesian contribution to the history of the SAS. SAS Rhodesia provides a comprehensive account of the origins and history of this famous Special Forces unit, as told This is the story of one of the world's most effective Special Forces units told by the men who served in it. Breaking with conventional military thinking, the South African Police created Koevoet by refining the concept of the counter-insurgency group pioneered in Rhodesia during the Bush War in order to provide up-to-date intelligence about an elusive enemy.

Now at The terrorist was caught between our two Casspirs. A long burst erupted and the insurgent was blown to hell and Ranged against two powerful communist terrorist armies, the small, under-equipped army of Rhodesia defied all military convention by not only resisting the onslaught, but taking the fight to the very heart of the ZIPRA and ZANLA terrorist machines. The efforts of the Rhodesian army and air force shocked the world; how could such a small force of men repel the At the height of the cold war, the small landlocked country of Rhodesia found herself ranged against two powerful communist terrorist armies who, in turn, were backed by Soviet Russia and China.

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The strategic aim of both backers was Al Venter's latest book on South Africa's year Border War along the Angolan frontier offers a host of new perspectives. These include details about units like the South African Air Force 44 Squadron which converted Dakota aircraft into flying gun platforms similar to those used in America's war in South-East Asia. He also has American nuclear specialist David Albright Instead, he got Sapper Soutpiel an asthmatic, short-sighted, brandy-swilling punk rocker who thought that the army would be fun. Welcome to the crazy world of short-sighted driving instructor Sergeant Snor, Aware that his past is about to catch up with him, a psychopathic KGB agent requests a transfer to Africa.

Soon after arriving, the ruthless Morozov leads a small band of communist guerrillas into Rhodesia. Their deadly mission: to down another civilian passenger aircraft. Within hours of the tragedy, Rhodesian security forces activate a hot-pursuit operation. Dax Hunter, a young Saturday, November 09, Soldier of Fortune Digital Magazine - August Default Title - R 0. Add to Wishlist Your wishlist has been temporarily saved.

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Out Of Stock! We will notify you when this product becomes available. Availability Date:. He had his sword, his field blanket, his trunk, and the tin despatch boxes that held his papers. From these, like a conjurer, he would draw souvenirs of all the world. From the embrace of faded letters, he would unfold old photographs, daguerrotypes, and miniatures of fair women and adventurous men: women who now are queens in exile, men who, lifted on waves of absinthe, still, across a cafe table, tell how they will win back a crown.

Once in a written document the general did me the honor to appoint me his literary executor, but as he is young, and as healthy as myself, it never may be my lot to perform such an unwelcome duty. And from them it is difficult to make a choice. To sketch in a few thousand words a career that had developed under Eighteen Flags is in its very wealth embarrassing.

Here is one story, as told by the scrap-book, of an expedition that failed.

This subscription will include all expenses for passage money. Each subscriber of one hundred pounds is to obtain a certificate entitling him to one thousand acres. The view of the colonization scheme taken by the Times of London, of the same date, is less complaisant. Certain adventurous gentlemen are looking out for one hundred others who have money and a taste for buccaneering. If the idea does not suggest comparisons with the large designs of Sir Francis Drake, it is at least not unworthy of Captain Kidd.

When we remember the manner in which some of the colonies of Great Britain were acquired, the Times seems almost squeamish. When the news reached England it created a sensation. The Earl of Derby, Secretary for the Colonies, refused, however, to sanction the annexation of New Guinea, and in so doing acted contrary to the sincere wish of every right-thinking Anglo-Saxon under the Southern Cross. MacIver originated and organized the New Guinea Exploration and Colonization Company in London, with a view to establishing settlements on the island.

The company, presided over by General Beresford of the British Army, and having an eminently representative and influential board of directors, had a capital of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds, and placed the supreme command of the expedition in the hands of General MacIver. This meant that the expedition would be dealt with as a filibustering one. Had MacIver not been thwarted in his enterprise, the whole of New Guinea would now have been under the British flag, and we should not be cheek-by-jowl with the Germans, as we are in too many places.

Sir Aucland Calvin can certify to this, as it was discussed in the Viceregal Council. Just after our Civil War MacIver was interested in another expedition which also failed. Its members called themselves the Knights of Arabia, and their object was to colonize an island much nearer to our shores than New Guinea. MacIver, saying that his oath prevented, would never tell me which island this was, but the reader can choose from among Cuba, Haiti, and the Hawaiian group. And as the expedition was to sail from the Atlantic side, and not from San Francisco, the island would appear to be the Black Republic.

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From the records of the times it would seem that the greater number of the Knights of Arabia were veterans of the Confederate army, and there is no question but that they intended to subjugate the blacks of Haiti and form a republic for white men in which slavery would be recognized. As one of the leaders of this filibustering expedition, MacIver was arrested by General Phil Sheridan and for a short time cast into jail.

And, indeed, sometimes the only difference between a filibuster and a government lies in the fact that the government fights the gun-boats of only the enemy while a filibuster must dodge the boats of the enemy and those of his own countrymen. When the United States went to war with Spain there were many men in jail as filibusters, for doing that which at the time the country secretly approved, and later imitated. And because they attempted exactly the same thing for which Dr. Jameson was imprisoned in Holloway Jail, two hundred thousand of his countrymen are now wearing medals.

The products are coffee, sugar, tobacco, and cotton. He claims British protection as a subject of her British Majesty, and the English Consul has forwarded a statement of his case to Sir Frederick Bruce at Washington, accompanied by a copy of the by-laws. General Sheridan also has forwarded a statement to the Secretary of War, accompanied not only by the by-laws, but very important documents, including letters from Jefferson Davis, Benjamin, the Secretary of State of the Confederate States, and other personages prominent in the Rebellion, showing that MacIver enjoyed the highest confidence of the Confederacy.

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As to the last statement, an open letter I found in his scrap-book is an excellent proof. Stuart, and E. Kirby Smith, and that his official record is one of which any man may be proud. At the close of the war duels between officers of the two armies were not infrequent. In the scrap-book there is the account of one of these affairs sent from Vicksburg to a Northern paper by a correspondent who was an eye-witness of the event.

The duel was with swords. MacIver ran Tomlin through the body. The correspondent writes:.

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In a few seconds Captain Tomlin expired. These gentlemen will look after the body of their friend. Is there anything I can do? I hope you consider that this matter has been settled honorably? In a newspaper of to-day so matter-of-fact an acceptance of an event so tragic would make strange reading. He was not ill-treated by them, but for three months was a prisoner, until one night, the Indians having camped near the Rio Grande, he escaped into Mexico.

There he offered his sword to the Royalist commander, General Mejia, who placed him on his staff, and showed him some few skirmishes. At Monterey MacIver saw big fighting, and for his share in it received the title of Count, and the order of Guadaloupe. In June, contrary to all rules of civilized war, Maximilian was executed and the empire was at an end. MacIver escaped to the coast, and from Tampico took a sailing vessel to Rio de Janeiro. Two months later he was wearing the uniform of another emperor, Dom Pedro, and, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, was in command of the Foreign Legion of the armies of Brazil and Argentina, which at that time as allies were fighting against Paraguay.

MacIver soon recruited seven hundred men, but only half of these ever reached the front. In Buenos Ayres cholera broke out and thirty thousand people died, among the number about half the Legion.

By Richard Harding Davis

MacIver was among those who suffered, and before he recovered was six weeks in hospital. During that period, under a junior officer, the Foreign Legion was sent to the front, where it was disbanded. On his return to Glasgow, MacIver foregathered with an old friend, Bennett Burleigh, whom he had known when Burleigh was a lieutenant in the navy of the Confederate States.

Although today known as a distinguished war correspondent, in those days Burleigh was something of a soldier of fortune himself, and was organizing an expedition to assist the Cretan insurgents against the Turks. Between the two men it was arranged that MacIver should precede the expedition to Crete and prepare for its arrival. This permission to destroy the Turkish navy single-handed strikes one as more than generous, for the Cretans had no navy, and before one could begin the destruction of a Turkish gun-boat it was first necessary to catch it and tie it to a wharf.

At the close of the Cretan insurrection MacIver crossed to Athens and served against the brigands in Kisissia on the borders of Albania and Thessaly as volunteer aide to Colonel Corroneus, who had been commander-in-chief of the Cretans against the Turks. MacIver spent three months potting at brigands, and for his services in the mountains was recommended for the highest Greek decoration. Williams was a general and Colonel Wright Schumburg was chief of staff. And again:.