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Why Is Latin Dead?

This is especially true considering the amount of citations to be found with each entry in OLD. You can view sample pages on the product page. Hi John, I have already been asking our Mobile Ed team to create this! Will keep putting pressure on them, thanks for the encouragement. Ben, you make a very good point and I stand corrected. The Eastern Church has existed alongside the Western Church for over 1, years, and any Christian you meet would be hard pressed to name one book, one theologian, or even one name of any prominent Eastern Church figure. How many books does Logos even carry from the Eastern Church?

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Any commentaries? A few devotional books perhaps from years ago. For all practical purposes, Latin has been the language of the Church. But it is a bit weird that Christianity is divided into two basic churches, and they have almost nothing to do with each other. Who would have imagined? Larry, the eastern churches have existed for roughly two thousand years, and well-known figures among English speaking western Christians include Sts.

Furthermore, the eastern churches have a great deal to do with the West. The Catholic ones are, of course, in communion with the western Catholics, and the Eastern including Oriental Orthodox are vastly nearer to Latin rite Catholics than are virtually all Protestants. You certainly can name more Orthodox Christians than most Westerners.

Maybe I should have been more clear in my comments. All the collections of the fathers include all the Latin, Syriac, and Greek fathers.

It’s Technically Dead, And Here’s Why

But after the split, most Western Christians, including the scholars, know very little about them. Logos has about 24 pages of Orthodox works. And there are I believe three commentaries among them, Hebrews, Job, and maybe Romans.

So when a Westerner calls Latin the language of the Church for two thousand years, I think we can take it in the context of what most Western Christians know. I love Latin and the sixty nine years that have passed since learning Latin for two years at school, have not diminished my love for it. I cannot afford them in the same way as I cannot afford so much on Logos that I would like. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.

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Comments I have Lewis and Short. Do I really need another one? Thanks for this, David. Buy the dictionary of Latin Forms. That's real!

Who Speaks Latin Today, Anyways?

That was reported There were cardinals that did not know what he was saying when he made his announcement. It really all goes back to that Second Vatican Council, when Latin was removed from many areas of Catholic life. Not just the liturgy, but also seminary education. And so, the kind of education the cardinals would have gotten for the most part, would not have had much of an emphasis on Latin.

For the most part, the cardinals do not have the ability to speak it or understand it very well. They probably are not speaking Latin to each other. The language that would be most familiar to the majority of them would actually be Italian. Because if you're a cardinal, then one of the things you have to do is go to Rome and study at a pontifical university, where you would have lots of opportunity to practice Italian.

How Did Latin Become A Dead Language?

But Latin, we know, is being used in the official announcements Check out Ben Zimmer's column here. Who Speaks Latin Today, Anyways? The Lapis Niger is one of the oldest known examples of writing in the Latin language.

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Who still speaks Latin? It's amazing to hear someone just rattle off conversational Latin and hear it living in that way. Associated Press. Tagged: Religion. Related Stories. Juan A. Lozano Associated Press. November 17, PM. October 28, PM.