Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, 3rd Duke of Alba (29 October – 11 December He was titled the 3rd Duke of Alba de Tormes, 4th Marquess of Coria, 3rd Count In spite of these military successes, the Dutch revolt was not broken and Alba .. Jonathan Israel, The Dutch Republic: its Rise, Greatness, and Fall.

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Or at least someone she can fawn over as leverage over Jim to get him to finally notice her. Bedeviling Bulletman : Durgan is by far the least imaginative of the featured foes thus far.

Tearing down the new city hall, like a modern day Samson! Is there a cap to his strength, or is the "sky the limit"! We are entering into the final days of this title. Labels: Bulletman , Jim Barr , Sgt. Tied to an honorary member of the Fawcett Family, as we shall see. One of the iconic heroes in comic book history has to be the stretch sleuth known as Plastic Man, created by legendary writer Jack Cole.

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And a desired property for other publishers, particularly DC Comics which acquired the Quality Comics character. So in Plas was reintroduced, or rather it turned out to be his son. Then, the original turned up in a couple of early 's Brave and the Bold issues teaming up with Batman. But was this the original?

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And what became of his son? Intermixed, he was affiliated with at least three teams of champions of three Earths! Once the dust cleared and time helped place things in perceptive, a few facts were made somewhat clear. The initial incarnation of Plastic Man resided on Earth-Two, home to most golden age heroes. Around this time, an inventive crook created synthetic Plastic Men to bedevil the original.

Even Woozy Winks became a stretchy sidekick accidentally and helped his pal to defeat them. It was the latter that finally motivated Plastic Man to journey with fellow heroes from Earth-Two to this hero-less world to protect it from the Nazi hordes. Sadly, this journey was not kind to this incarnation of Plastic Man, as alluded to by Uncle Sam's cryptic comments decades later.

And yet, acording to his "Who's Who" entry, this golden age Plastic Man still survived into the present day even though he was thought deceased on Earth-X! During the Convergence event that pulled various cities and their heroes to a planet outside space and time, Plastic Man along with you fellow Freedom Fighter battled the Nazi villain Silver Ghost. During the conflict, Plas and the Ghost formed an uneasy alliance to track down the origin of deadly cyborgs threatening the citizens of their displaced New York City.

After a final battle when the Ghost betrayed his foe turned ally, Plastic Man was left outside and separated from the Fighters. Where this version of the hero ended up in the multitude of cities on Telos is hinted at in an encounter Plas would have with Kid Eternity. He didn't return to Earth-Two, as the Senate hearing that tried the Justice Society in the 's said that Plastic Man disappeared in the 's. He would travel to a city originating on an Earth where he settled down and sire a son in his image! The Earth-One Plastic Man first appeared chronologically alongside the Justice League of America in their origin story and later team up with that world's Batman in Brave and the Bold, then would go on to have solo tales in the 's in his own title, Super Friends Adventure and World's Finest Comics!

This pliable protector found a foe in the young Robby Reed, the possessor of the H-Dial, enabling him to "Dial 'H' for Hero" which he did over a dozen times in his brief career. Twice Robby become a clone of Plastic Man. The extra Plastic replicants mirrored those created by Doom Patrol adversary Gaurgax.

Then there was the wacky 's son of the original, Eel O'Brien Jr. This Eel existed contemporaneous to the Inferior Five, who were said to reside on Earth-Twelve, on that parallel world prone towards comedic circumstances. However, despite being a second generation hero like the Five who themselves were the offspring of the golden age Freedom Brigade Junior did not deem it worthy of joining them.

While this may, on the surface, seem similar to when Earth-One's Robbie Reed used his Dial "H" for Hero device to transform into the malleable manhunter himself on two occasions, this was the Eel O'Brien from the Kid's Eternity dimension attached to Earth-S. It was this Plastic Man's exploits in the middle to latter part of the 's that were being chronicled in his own self-titled comic and in Police Comics, as mentioned in this particular story Additionally, Blackhawk had tales in his own series during this time and also aided Kid Eternity on occasion.

As with Plastic Man, it seems Blackhawk These heroes continued to operate into the mid 's on this world as chronicled in their Quality Comics tales. Indeed, this legend stretched himself quite thin, in a sense And we aren't even counting the dozens of synthetic Plastic Men that one of the original's foes created in the early 's on Earth-Two. Labels: Plastic Man. Thursday, August 16, Mr.

Hyde - The Hummer - Mr. Scarlet Meets Blackbeard Wow Comics 4. With this issue, Mister Scarlet joins a large fraternity of superheroes with a sidekick. The first, of course, was Batman, who was joined by Robin in March of Then, there was Speedy, who debuted alongside his mentor Green Arrow in September of , and Sandy, whose first case alongside Sandman was in October Of course, Wing was the junior chauffeur of his employer, both in his boss's civilian and costumed identities, and would later adopt a uniform like that of Crimson Avenger's.

Star-Spangled Kid was already around but since it was his adult chauffeur who was his sidekick, that doesn't exactly count. And these were only kids who teamed up with older established heroes. Many costumed and non-costumed adults also befriended costumed crusaders during this formative era in superheroics. While Pinky first appeared in October , as he and his guardian took on the Death Battalion of Mister Scarlet's former foes, the lad's chronological first appearance was in Winter of In this origin tale, Pinky seems to be living a happy childhood raised by his widowed mother, until a madman named Mister Hyde breaks into their home and slays her.

Immediately thereafter, special prosecutor Brian Butler and his secretary Miss Wade are charged with finding him suitable guardianship, initially with an orphanage. However, after several days there, one of Pinky's instructors The man-monster's next prey was Gotham City's mayor within his home, although Mister Scarlet corners the bestial baddie. Chasing him to the nearby orphanage, when Scarlet leaps over the home's wall in pursuit of Hyde, instead he finds Jelke who states he saw no one rush by him.

However, Pinky lives up to his future nickname as the Whiz Kid, piecing together from a monocle left behind that his instructor secretly is carrying on another life. Assembling a remarkably similar costumed to that of his hero, Pinky seeks to track down Mister Hyde and avenge the death of his mother. But he is delayed by Mister Scarlet himself, who joins him in battling the villain.

Together, after an initial reversal, this new Dynamic Duo defeat Mister Hyde. Reverting to his true identity as Jelke, he drinks poison rather than be captured. Reminds me of material Atlas liked to publish. One of those ironic five-page quickies solely conceived for the twist. Sloppy work. Death actively stars in it!

He is the satanic magician fulfilling wishes — with a catch, of course. A straight and simple, wonderfully told and drawn tale of an old witch cursed by her own abilities. Everyone she touches or touches her! Great tongue-in-cheek Powell job, hosted by a cheerful Dr. What an issue! And be prepared for his next installment — this might just knock your socks off!

Knocks your socks off, because we encounter a last Powell sadly , but what a blast! If you should NOT know it yet, go read it. Mach schnell! It really is a great issue with a nice mix of different art. Thompson proves to be a perfect boost and reinforcement for the dwindling and doomed horror titles. Showed this a second time to Jim Vadebonceur, Jr. Very strange! If YOU out there have any leads as to who this artist is , please contact us.

A society dinner, the lady of the house looking for exquisite pottery, a mad potter creating life-like pieces and the lady ending up as just such one on the dinner table. A race against the clock unfolds. Can Johnny rescue Sheila from her impending doom? Read it to believe it, nuff said. I will NOT talk about sexual symbolism here ; I am just a layman having a laugh. However: If you feel inclined to deliver interpretations, please do!

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Men from Mars come to earth and destroy a movie set about men from mars. Two stories show his style; Jim and I first thought he may be involved in a third one. And please notice that Ed Waldman is gone! Which is understandable.