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A large amount of Connecticut seed is shade grown here. The lack of sunlight contributes to a very mild flavor and low nicotine content, and it usually has a woody and spicy taste. The leaves give a powerful and spicy boost to the overall flavor. If you remove the wrapper from a cigar, the next leaf you will see is the binder.

It is used for two purposes: to provide a smooth surface for the wrapper leaf, and also for its combustibility, to ensure that the cigar burns well. The binder is essential for keeping the fillers in place and for keeping the overall structure of the cigar. Indonesian Besuki binders are very popular as they have good strength and flexibility and have excellent burning properties.

Filler tobacco is the heart of a cigar and consists of a carefully blended recipe of tobaccos from different countries to achieve the desired taste and optimum burning qualities.

A Guide to Cigar Wrappers

The filler leaves chosen can dictate the overall strength of the cigar. Filler leaves ideally are dark and oily and should have the capacity to burn slowly and evenly, creating a desirable smoking experience.

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Star Tobacco can help you to provide the right components for your filler mixture whether it be whole leaves that are rolled together by hand long-filler or small pieces of chopped tobacco short filler which are intended to be part of a machine-made cigar. Contact us to learn more about STI cigar leaf products. Wholesale Cigar Leaf. Star Tobacco customers have the option to choose cigar wrappers from the following origins: Indonesia Cameroon Nicaragua Ecuador Star Tobacco has access to a broad cigar leaf supply in Indonesia with the main variety of Besuki which is a sun-cured variety grown in the Eastern part of Java Island.

Cigar Binder If you remove the wrapper from a cigar, the next leaf you will see is the binder. Cigar Filler Filler tobacco is the heart of a cigar and consists of a carefully blended recipe of tobaccos from different countries to achieve the desired taste and optimum burning qualities.

The Cigar Wrappers

Your Name Phone. Corojo leaves tend to have a spicy, robust taste with notes of black pepper, earth, leather, cocoa, and cedar. They tend to be very oily and have a distinctly reddish-brown color, though they can be dark enough to make it easy to mistake them for a Maduro. Criollo wrappers tend to be slightly milder than Corojo wrappers, but still have a bit of pepper in the flavor profile.

Other notes include cocoa, cedar, bread, nuts, and a bit of sweetness. Originally hailing from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, this tobacco tends to ere on the sweeter side. A lot of Sumatra tobacco is grown from Sumatran seed in Honduras and Ecuador. Tasting notes include cinnamon, earth, floral notes, and a slightly sweet aftertaste.

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Habano wrappers tend to be a bit darker than the aforementioned three, and are by far the spiciest. They can be grown in several countries, though a popular choice is Nicaragua, as the soil content there is conducive to producing some very strong leaves.

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Tasting notes include bread, intense spice, leather, cocoa, espresso, and cedar. As a general rule, Habano smokes are better for more experienced smokers.

Guide to Cigar Wrappers & Colors | Holt's Cigar Company

The process of making a true Maduro wrapper involves a great deal of time. They are then aged for years to achieve an even darker color. The aging process also brings out the natural sugars in the tobacco leaves, giving darker cigars their distinct caramel sweetness. The leaves used for Maduro wrappers must be significantly thicker than the others, as they undergo a lengthy fermentation process that could make thinner leaves simply disintegrate.

Unfortunately, some companies will take shortcuts with the aging process like heating the leaves or sometimes even dying them. Luckily, however, the vast majority of manufacturers stick to tradition and age their Maduro leaves the honest, old fashioned way. Maduro wrappers can boast a myriad of tasting notes, including dark chocolate, coffee, brown sugar, caramel, molasses, black pepper, dried fruit, black cherry, and sometimes even a boozy taste, depending on how they are aged. Tasting notes in Oscuro-wrapped cigars include many of the same ones as Maduro-wrapped, with a bit of added strength and sweetness.

For example, a Double Maduro cigar can have Maduro wrapper and binder. For example Triple Maduro cigar uses Maduro wrapper, binder, and filler. Cameroon wrappers, as their name would suggest, originate from Cameroon, and are sometimes grown in the Central African Republic.

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Cameroon-wrapped cigars tend to be very rich tasting while remaining smooth and manageable. Tasting notes include butter, black pepper, leather, and toast. These wrappers have a distinct reddish hue and are extremely difficult to grow outside of Cuba, which means that only a handful of companies are lucky enough to have a supply of this leaf.

This makes Rosado-wrapped cigars rare and highly sought after.

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Typically, these cigars are very spicy with notes of cedar, coffee, earth, and pepper. View Cart 0.