Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, 3rd Duke of Alba (29 October – 11 December He was titled the 3rd Duke of Alba de Tormes, 4th Marquess of Coria, 3rd Count In spite of these military successes, the Dutch revolt was not broken and Alba .. Jonathan Israel, The Dutch Republic: its Rise, Greatness, and Fall.

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Socialist Survivalism: A Democracy Beyond Democracy (Part III)

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Published online: 1 Mar Wen-Chin Wu et al. Democratization Volume 26, - Issue 8. Published online: 9 Oct Published online: 23 Aug Published online: 22 Jul Yuko Sato et al. It would be difficult then to describe these methods as untested.

Socialist Survivalism: A Democracy Beyond Democracy

This includes both early investors who have already collectively amassed a hundred billion pounds of profit and later adopters now increasingly familiar with a new way of doing things. Early adopters naturally associate their wealth and success with the disruption of fiat currency. They believe — from experience, not just theory — that private, decentralised solutions can replace ancient public institutions, and that profit comes from cutting out complacent gatekeepers.

The gap between the evolution of governance online measured in years and offline measured in centuries is already large. Superior governance tends to attract both citizens and capital, as the British Empire in the s and the United States in the s both demonstrated. As we continue to experiment with governance methodologies and technologies in the virtual world, we should be optimistic that the highest forms of governance have not already been discovered, rather that improvements upon them can become a continual process.

At the very least, we should accept that governance is a technology, crypto is profitably disrupting it and the resulting innovations are unlikely to stay caged in the virtual world. The Spectator. Brendan O'Neill.

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Beyond Democracy | Flanders literature

Arthur Hayes. Robert Peston. Gavin Mortimer. Katy Balls. Stephen Daisley. Beyond democracy: could seasteads and cryptocurrencies replace the nation state? Democracy is regarded as the best form of government there is. Blockchain threatens something as important to nations as money: their legitimacy. Most Popular Read Recent Read.

Beyond Democracy 5 How People Who Use Sociocracy Talk About It

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